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According to everything I have been able to find online, if you are sent a meeting link for an MS Teams meeting and you click on it when you are signed into your Teams account, it should let you in as a guest using your personal Teams account.


It works for my colleague, but for some reason even though I am signed into Teams, it comes up with the guest box where you have to type in your name, which only has limited features when in meetings.  He is clicking on the meeting links that get emailed through to us, and it is using his Teams account to access the meeting but no matter what I do, it wont work for me.


I have had nothing but trouble joining this way, as sometimes when I join a meeting I am getting no camera input from the other members of the meeting (who I need to see to do my job), or they cant see me even though my camera is showing for me (likewise they need to see me), and Teams will from time to time close mid meeting (sentence) and then I have to restart and go into the meeting again. It is very disruptive and I am being viewed as unreliable.


Does anyone have any ideas why it would not be using my account to join meetings?  Have deleted and re-downloaded Teams, and been googling everything I can to try and fix this but no joy.  Please help....feel like am at risk of losing work if I cant fix this.


(P.S. I am using Apple devices)