We are having trouble adding guests to our Teams meetings. Most guests we add receive the error that "Only people with access to this org can join its meetings."   Meetings within the organization connect as expected.  



I've gone through every help file I can find on the MS site and the web, and still haven't had any luck.  I've verified, re-verified, and triple verified every setting there is on the following MS Docs page, but most guests still can't join. Occasionally an organization that uses Teams can join, but most can't.  Guests who don't use Teams who try to join through the browser or the app cannot join at all.  At the bottom of the post are all of my settings. I've made all of the necessary in Teams settings, Azure, SharePoint, and MS365 groups. Is there something, somewhere else that I might be missing?  Anything in Defender of Endpoint?  I've gone through the policies that we have configured and haven't found anything that may be relevant.  At this point I'm at the end of my rope and I'm out of ideas. 


Collaborate with guests in a team | Microsoft Docs










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Did you check the meeting policies and per-meeting settings? Open the Teams admin center > Meetings > Meeting settings > Anonymous users can join a meeting. Might want to also check the settings under Meeting policies > Global > Participants & Guests. On a per-meeting level, you can control whether Guests will be auto-admitted, can they present, etc.
Hello, the attached picture is what you'll see when you don't allow anonymous users to join a Teams meeting. That settings is as Vasils mention located here

Recently more granular settings were made available which is also described in the above link.

Anonymous users are either not signed in to their Teams accounts or are simply not using a M365 account (no AAD identity) or a Microsoft account but rather or