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We are considering moving to using Shifts from our other scheduling and timekeeping app. However, I have been unable to find documentation as to whether the manager is able to approve the timesheet (clockin/out) easily? Most of our current approving of shifts is a quick look at the time and hitting a button to approve, but it still needs to be done.


Is our option really to export to an excel spreadsheet to view the punches and determine if everything is okay prior to paying?


If that is the case is there a way to do it through an approval process within MS or use the PowerPlatform to get it done. 


I recommend the Schedule Owner feature for shift management.

Schedule Owner is a feature that lets you elevate the permissions of a team member to a schedule owner without making the employee a team owner. This means that the employee is authorized to manage their team’s schedule without being able to modify any other team properties such as updating, editing, or deleting team channels.

What can a user with schedule owner permissions do?

- Create, edit, and publish schedules to manage their team’s shift assignments.
- View and approve shift requests including requests to swap shifts and take open shifts.
- Manage settings in Shifts to enable certain features for the team.
- View and modify their team’s timesheet to process employee payrolls.

Please see for more information.



I think you misunderstood the question. It's not the scheduling of the shifts. It's the clocking in and out (the timesheet portion). An employee may be scheduled from 8-5 pm, but ends up coming in late/leaving early for whatever reason. Say they work 830-5. Managers then "approve" the time they said they worked. In our current system you click a button that says approve so when payroll is run the payroll person knows the time has been verified by the manager that it was actually worked.