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I have finally solved this mysterious error!!!!:lol:


Turns out this has absolutely nothing to do with the actual Device Guard Virtualisation as some advised me. This stupid error is triggered due to Device Information Task Schedule that is exclusive to Windows 10 only! You will not find this task schedule in Windows 7 or 8.1.
Device Information Error fixed.jpg

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This is basically another telemetry data collection that Microsoft uses to collect information about your system. This is why you get network spikes when this schedule runs.

The way I found out is that when the error occurred, it corresponded to the exact timing of the task schedule. I have observed this in my last error history that it matches the last task schedule run time. As soon as I disabled this task schedule, the error stopped occurring and you'll no longer get Win32_DeviceGuard and Win32_TpmProvider logged.

I have to say I am really disappointed that, no one was able to tell me that this was the issue triggering the error! Even Microsoft Support failed to give me the right answer. They were giving me the Device Guard advice. I know that had nothing to do with it.

Somehow when I upgraded initially from 1903 to 20H2 the task schedule was reset back to default. But I had no idea that Device Information task schedule was responsible for triggering this error! Now I know and hopefully this should be helpful to others as well! :smile: