I also have this problem. Problems like these are super hard to find solutions for because most people don't understand the problem and don't provide descriptions as detailed and accurate as OP has done here.

May I suggest that you at the Microsoft tech team change your policy globally on this matter:
Instead of simply telling people they have posted in the wrong forum (because that's not helpful to anyone), just go ahead and move the thread to the correct forum (which helps everyone). That way, others who find threads like this in the future won't hit a wall just because it was posted in the wrong forum.

Most people I believe find problem-solution threads by using a search engine, and not by navigating any specific forum. Search engines are always vastly superior to a forum's own navigational tools. It doesn't matter to a search engine what forum category the thread was posted in. So, since this thread exists, people might as well make use of it to try and reach a solution.

If you know of a similar thread in the correct forum category, please, put a link to that thread right here in this thread, so as to redirect future search engine users.

Thank you!
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