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For context: my company has Business Premium 365 licenses and we have stood-up and are using Teams for internal collaboration, however we have not yet migrated our company email (hosted by gmail) to Exchange just yet. 


In order to leverage scheduling meetings with Teams, we're using the gmail Teams Meeting add-in, NOT the Teams meeting calendar app or Exchange invites, and our users are currently not able to allow external users outside our organization to join their scheduled Teams meetings.  External invitees encounter the "Only people with access to this org can join its meetings" message. 


Is updating the Anonymous users can join a meeting settings in MS Teams Meeting Admin Center the correct/only approach needed in order to allow external invitees meetings entry?  And does this setting only allow meeting admittance?  We are not mature enough to enable guest users and add them to our Teams for content collaboration and are currently sharing content externally via Specific People generated sharing links only. Merely want external users to be able to join Meetings.  Help/advice is much appreciated.