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We are using T58A Yealink Teams Phones and CCX500 Poly Phone Teams Version..
We updated both with a Teams firmware from the  manufacturer..


Now we have the problem, that the timer from the automatic dial function is too short.. if u tiped in 3 letters, the phone begin to dial in 2-3 Seconds. its not very nice, if u have to type a longer number in and the phone begins to call with the false number..
sadly the Teams FW is very laggy and slow..

is there any opinion, to set the timer to 10 seconds via the power shell or something?

Normally u can set the timer in the WEB GUI from the Phone, but this options are overwritten from TEAMS Software(Firmware). the options are not available anymore...


thank u very much for some help!!

have a nice day!! greetings from Tyrol/Austria

Hi and Thanks for your reply!

sadly this is not the solution to my problem..

When i am typing the telephone number in the Teams-Telephone (T58A Yealink Teams Phones and CCX500 Poly Phone) the phone is automatic calling the number after 2-3 seconds.. this time-windows i want to make this longer to 10 seconds.. i didnt find something to change this options,,