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Just as a bit of background, I work as a consultant with multiple M365 customers that have their own Teams instances. I am hitting a road block though with the Teams feature in regards to communicating successfully across both my Teams instance, and my clients (where my clients have 2 x Teams accounts they have to switch between to talk to me, 1) their own Teams instance and 2) the guest access to my Teams account).

From what I've observed, Teams notifications across multi tenants are seemingly invisible from the external guest perspective. In other words you only see notifications for the Teams active tenant you are logged in to. Someone please correct me otherwise.

If there is new activity on a separate Teams account that you aren't currently active in, there are no alerts, pop ups or any visual indicator presented in the main Teams tenant. How can this be? It kinda renders timely communications across multiple tenants useless. Furthermore if I am logged into my mobile app for Teams once again new activity notifications from a separate Teams tenant are not surfaced unless you switch and manage to spot them. Shouldn't there at least be a push notification or something? I couldn't see any.

The only way to actually get the alert is to seemingly by luck switch tenants and spot the alert which is not a good solution.

In light of this, has anyone encountered the same or worked out a way to successfully use multi tenant Teams set ups with external users? Do I have to get them to set up a separate browser/profile to be logged into the other Teams account online?


Any thoughts appreciated.