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We are seeing many incidents with a Partially Remediated status. and the statement "A problem prevented the remediation of some malicious entities." What causes this, what is the problem and how can we fix it?

Great question. Partially remediated status for investigations can result from several reasons: 1. If only some of the recommended actions are approved within an investigation 2. Some of the emails within the recommended actions are non-remediable by the system – e.g. because they are present in on-premise mailboxes or the mails have already been moved. In these scenarios it is best to view the details for the remediation within the logs within the Action Center
We have done that but the Log tab shows that all 17actions are completed, it is really confusing and does not make any sense
The action center does not show anything pending

@Dean Gross apologies you are facing challenges here. If you could start a service request or help desk ticket, we can make sure one of our engineers take a look at the issue.