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Hi everyone,

We are currently migrating documents from our local server to SharePoint Online, but we encounter problems with OneNote documents.


Users have saved individual sections in separate folders on the server. When we move these documents to SharePoint, we get the error message “This section has been created in a previous version of OneNote” event if we created it with OneNote 2016. When we try opening the online document with desktop app, still same error message. When we then open a local version of the document to upgrade it, we only get the option to upgrade the hole notebook. Is there a way to copy and use separate sections of notebook with OneNote Online without having to manually copy the content of each section to a new notebook?


Thanks a lot for your help!

Hello @EvelynePelletier

Sorry to disappoint you but this is the Microsoft Learn community and is not exactly specialized on your topic/question. Although one or the other MCT specialized in this technology could be visiting this community I have the feeling that your question should be posted in the respective community.
Thank you for your understanding. Here is the link to the community:
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Oops, sorry! Thank you for the information.

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