Hi Jacek,

I don't believe you get an actual discount code. The Training days normally associate an entitlement to your email address for Pearson Vue, and I believe they just auto-adjust the cost to $0 while scheduling.


If I recall right, it may still have a temporary code in the background that it passes directly into PearsonVue, but I don't think that would be redeemable with Certiport. 


This should be the link for AZ-900 Pearson Vue registration - https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=2188912

The redemption process looks something like this

  1. Confirm you are registering for the correct exam with Pearson Vue
  2. Go to the Exam Discounts tab on the left
  3. If your voucher is still not recognized, or if you have a separate Company Account that may be linked, you may wish to try verifying another email address onto your profile. 
    • You don't need to verify more emails, unless your work needs you to, or you may have been registered for an event under a different email address. 
  4. If one of the emails associated with you has a voucher for THIS exam, then you should see the choice to claim the exam discount like this. 



I haven't claimed a training day voucher recently, so you may get a "promo code" to apply at the end of Pearson Vue checkout (Like you do with the MS Beta Exams). 

If so, you do have to stare down the FULL cost or Full Student Discounted cost, including scheduling your appointment, all the way until you get to the payment screens, where you can apply a Promo Code.