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I'd like to ask if anyone here knows a way to restrict access to the Customer Insights app so that users can access this cloud app only if they are doing it from within our own network?


We were able to set up an AAD Conditional Access policy to achieve this for other Dynamics 365 apps by restricting access for the Common Data Service. But I don't find an appropriate app to select for restriction of Customer Insights. Do we have to restrict something different to achieve this or do we have to use another feature or is it not possible to do what we want?


Our data protection officer told us that we have to seal our D365 cloud apps off first before we may upload sensitive customer data to/through it. That way we can easily make sure (more or less) that users use controlled devices and controlled client apps and filtered LAN/VPN that prohibits them from accidentally or intentionally leaking sensitive data to other services etc.


I appreciate every hint. Thanks in advance.