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We are trying to create a new policy to detect Employer Identification Number (EIN). I'm very new to Regex so I need some help. We've tried the below regex and MCAS is showing me an error of: Capturing parenthesis not allowed in regular expression. Does anyone know how to convert the below regex to something without the capturing parentheses? Thanks!




You may have solved this already, but MCAS doesn't allow the usage of capture groups. You can use a non-capture group instead. After the open parenthesis insert "?:" to make the group non-capturing. End result: (?:[07][1-7]|1[0-6]|2[0-7]|[35][0-9]|[468][0-8]|9[0-589])-?\d{7}
One way to do this would be to create a custom Sensitive Information type in O365 Compliance Center, add the new SIT to a Sensitivity Label and then in MCAS create a policy that watches for this Sensitivity Label