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I used a file policy to automatically label every document in a SharePoint folder with a sensitivity label (unified), which applies encryption and has a pre-configured (not user-specified) permission.  Normally, when documents are labelled with that pre-configured label manually, and when they are uploaded to a SharePoint site, the labels are recognized and the documents can be opened in Word on the web (e.g. Excel or PowerPoint) for co-authoring.  However, when documents are labelled automatically by Cloud App Security by a file policy.  The documents' labels are not recognized in SharePoint and those documents cannot be open for co-authoring.  Is it an expected behavior or there are some settings that I have missed?!  


The encryption applied to the documents are owned by whom? I notice the "Modified By" column in SharePoint lists out the user "SharePoint App" for that document.  Does it mean the document is encrypted under the "SharePoint App" user account? and how do I use it to decrypt it if necessary? 



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