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I am using the Security Center API to retrieve incidents and alerts, and add them to our ITSM platform. During the parsing of the JSON response, I have to check if the incident retrieved is already registered and if it is, if it also has been updated since last time.


My issue is that I am unsure what to check for if the incident indeed has been updated. I don't want to check more than necessary. I am hoping that if it has been updated, this only means that a new alert has been attached, but I fear that any property of the incident might change.


I have not been able to find any resources that specify what might trigger the lastUpdateTime property, so I turn to you for help.


Info from MS about the API call:


Edit: I am checking the lastUpdateTime field, of course, to verify it has been updated. If it was not clear, I am wondering which other fields might change if it has been updated.

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