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Hopefully you can help me with a solution or idea for solution.


First some context: for a large insurance company in the Netherlands, we are thinking about using MS Bookings to offer the customer the ability to plan a appointment/meeting with a jurist.
The customer interface will be a set of new developed screens and the employee (jurist) will be using his Outlook/Teams client environment to accept and maintain the appointments.
The employee is primarily working from/in a dashboard application, which shows planning, tasks and dossier information. This dashboard application and back-end system is tailor-made for the purpose and having API's. When a new appointment is made by the customer, a fork service will create a task in the dashboard and creates an appointment via Bookings API.


The challenge is when the employee is changing or cancels the appointment in Outlook and we also want to update the according task in the employees dashboard.
How do we intercept the change of appointment between Outlook, Exchange and Bookings to update the task in employees dashboard maintained by companies system?


First idea is to put a rule in exchange to fork the employee notification email to both employee and the dashboard system. But hopefully there are more sophisticated solutions for this challenge.


Other question: is it still possible to retrieve the data of a cancelled appointment via Bookings API? (because we want to keep the key/reference to the task in the appointment record in Bookings)


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