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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to achieve the following for new computers in autopilot:

  1. Set time zone to my time zone
  2. Set system locale, culture and windows home location to my country
  3. Set a language list to use en-US and my country's language
  4. Make sure that my country language is installed on the compute

In MECM this is the Apply windows settings which looks like this:


The end result I'm looking for is this:


I searched the web and also found the Copy-UserInternationalSettingsToSystem, but this is for windows 11... We are still deploying windows 10.

I found and tested multiple options such as deploying the LXP and using several powershell commands to apply what I need but it doesn't exactly work.

This is my autopilot profile:


Is there a way to use some unattended file or any other way to configure the operating system to our international settings?