Dear Rene,

Thank you very much for your reply and your advices regarding Azure AD Join.
I am also regarding by this way.

Regarding your question, I can get Welcome to our Company during the installation of Windows.
I can log in using my account (with intune licence)...

My Autopilot profile is working very fine with used computer, after login and setup step, my computer is directly integrated in the onpremise domain.
The problem is on new fresh laptop (just unbox).. the computer is not integrated to the domain and appear in Azure AD portal as Azure AD joined.
During the first Autopilot process on new laptop, I can see after registration of the computer in autopilot that no profile is assigned to the computer.... then the states change to updating and once I am logged to the first time in Windows10, the state of the profile switch as assigned... This mean after that my first Autopilot process is completed, if I reset the computer, my Hybrid Join profile will be applied in to the computer and integrate the onpremise domain.

Any advices?

Thanks again Rene and sorry for my bad english