We’re looking for feedback from customers and partners on the recent digital deliveries of Microsoft Ignite and Microsoft Build.  Ideally, we’d hear from those folks who have attended an in-person Ignite or Build before AND one or more of our digital flagship event deliveries.


Here are a few questions to help frame your response:

  • Was the digital delivery of Microsoft Ignite and/or Build valuable to you?
  • What was missing from the digital delivery that would have been valuable?
  • What types of learning experiences would you like to see at digital events?


While we ALL would love to get back to in-person events, we are looking for feedback that could be applied to the current digital event landscape. Even when we start hosting in-person events again (sorry, I don’t have any info on when), we will no doubt continue this new digital event experience in order to reach those who are unable to attend in-person.


Thank you and looking forward to your feedback!


Michael Kophs

Microsoft Event & Skilling lead – Modern Work

The schedule management for virtual events has been tricky. Tricky to navigate multiple versions of the same session for time zone reason. I get why this is done but it would be nice to hide events that take place in the middle of the night.

Additionally, some events have been in the session catalog and others have been in our lists of sessions in community central or whatever it was called. The point being that there isn't one place to see all the sessions, meetups, and events.

it was easier to manage what was next with the old MS Events app, rather than relying on the web portal.

The customer feedback/round table sessions have adapted well to the virtual environment. And the community meetups have been okay too (though we should have more of these).