We are excited to announce the release of our Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist Certification online course.  Delivered through our partner, this course is designed to help you understand the six knowledge areas required to successfully drive the adoption of Microsoft services in your company.  While all great service adoption is technology agnostic, this course uses Microsoft Teams, our hub for teamwork, as the example service throughout the material.  A Service Adoption Specialist brings together business acumen, technical knowledge with an understanding of how to drive change and passion for helping people under one umbrella. 




Learn more about it on the Driving Adoption Blog.

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Hi@Karuana Gatimu ,

Please what is the cost for this training?

on edX you can take the course for free, if you need the verified certificate then only you have to pay. This means you can take a course for free if you just want to learn.

The amount depends on the course you are taking @dutsey 

can retired persons have conversations on a simple request
This! TY! So want to encourage adoption of this change to a more efficient way of doing things!

@Karuana Gatimu 
Hi there, I was just on the edX site and noticed that the Adoption Specialist Certification course is being archived on Oct 30th.  Will there be a new certification course or have I missed my opportunity to take this course?  Thanks

I just checked edx, for Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist, certification is priced at 99USD :) @john_0515 

The only downside to EdX in my opinion is they don't support badges on Acclaim. You do get a certificate, but there's nothing you can add in your signature or share through your Acclaim profile. If it's an official Microsoft course, I don't see why we couldn't get an official Microsoft badge similar to the Azure role based ones on Acclaim upon completion.
But besides that, this course absolutely is really valuable! $99 well spent :)
that will help the students to build new skills
الکتریک عمده
The course is not currently available on EdEx..
I have taken this course and the knowledge offerings were helpful to deploying office 356 and developing an adoption plan. Highly recommended!
The course is one again accessible..

Audit Access Expires Oct 6, 2020
You lose all access to this course, including your progress, on Oct 6, 2020.
Upgrade by Sep 20, 2020 to get unlimited access to the course as long as it exists on the site.