This question stems from a project I am tackling to develop an IT solution for arranging a large, unorganized, growing database to be queried by many users.


I would like to upload the excel file to OneDrive and manage and share a single master copy of it with around 100 people. This is the issue. When sharing the excel file online via OneDrive, I cannot seem to find a way to disable collaboration. When multiple users attempt to query the worksheet, they are out of luck because only one can at a time due to Excel's collaboration feature.


I want to know, like I said, if this can be disabled while sharing a single workbook. In essence, is there a way for this single document to appear to and work for each user as if that user were the only user accessing it?


To my knowledge nope, co-authoring mechanism assumes all users who have R/W access to the file could edit it simultaneously. For SharePoint library you may use check-in/check-out, with it only one user at a time may edit the file, all others will have it as R/O file at that time.