*****This issue has now been fixed (version 16.0.7167.2040) *******


This is a known issue and under invesigation but just a heads up in case you come across this issue


You can't use Drag and Drop to create relationships between fields in the Diagram view if you are using Excel 2016 and a touch screen laptop.


Actually, you can do it using the touch screen, but not by using your mouse or track pad.  


Hope this gets fixed soon as it's really annoying 

I have just tried this in 16.0.7329.1015 64-bit and the issue is not resolved. Dragging to create relationships does not work with the mouse or trackpad, yet does work with touch. This is on a Surface Pro 3.

@James Fancke,  that is annoying.   I'm now using version 1609 (Build 7369.2024) on the Surface Book and a ThinkPad - both 64 bit and both are working.


Hopefully when you update next the issue will be resolved.

I'm on build 1609.7369.2024, 64 bit - and that doesn't work on my Surface 3 Pro, checked right now. Touch only drag&drop.  

Here's where I posted the original issue...




This was the closing response in July 2016:  

"I’ve checked with the related team. Our engineering is aware of this issue and they are working on it. Please keep your Excel up to date.


I then noticed that my Surface Book started working a while later




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We still have an active bug on this issue, so it's not fully resolved, but we have identified that this problem is due to interactions with the device driver for a pen.  In the Device Manager, if you disable "Human Interface Devices / HID-compliant pen" and then restart Excel, I think you'll find that you can use both the mouse and touch to create relationships using drag-and-drop.


Hope this helps,

-Howie [Excel BI Program Manager]

Just came across this issue on another laptop,  applied @Howie Dickerman's fix and it solved the issue.


Thanks Howie