i just copy my reddit comment, to make it more clear, if for the devs is difficult to understand goal of suggestion 18


about 18: i mean that if day 1 i have 1000 urls in bookmarks and day 2 i delete 500 and day 3 i add 500, on my onedrive i see 1500url, not 1000. this means 1000url in the bookmark folder, 500 in the safety folder (like ccc does). Same for the bookmark file, if they decided to save only 1 file instead of 1000 single urls. onedrive would archive every single version inside a safety folder (like i'm doing now on my macs; and by using other extensions too*).

*i don't mean eversync, because this extension creates only problem with bookmarks. problem with extensions is that they ask 1000x login (especially if you use a lot of macs and macuser). this wouldn't happen, if the feature is directly implemented inside the browser. you simply activate edge sync, and all it's done.

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