New Contributor

Hello everyone. Firstly I'm new here so if I did mistake on that post, sorry fot this. You can move or remove that post.
I have some suggestion and some request as well.

  • Fluent design option. [Configurable]
  • Thumbnail images on favorites page. (Like Opera Browser)
  • Auto add tags to favorites with AI. And suggest favorites based on usage. [Configurable]
  • Favorite items and folders can be add Home and/or New-Tab page.
  • While hovering tabs show previews. And if media playing, show media control. [Configurable]
  • Support background sync to PWA's even if Edge close. [Configurable]
  • Edge can go to sleep instead of closing himself fully. [Configurable]
  • Can be download Torrents. [Configurable]
  • Donwloads view can be chargeable to graph mode.
  • Fully build-in Ad-Block. [Configurable]
  • Shortcut for PIP mode.
  • PIP frame not appear as windows on taskbar.
  • PIP frame can be transparency fade-out while mouse close by. [Configurable]
  • Automatic password generation for websites. [Configurable]
  • Pinned tabs synched across devices. [Configurable]
  • Reading view button on address bar. (Like old version of Edge) [Configurable]
  • Other Search engines for Home page. (Because of that users may not switch Edge. I mean nowadays users chose freedom)

That's all for now. Thank for reading. I wish your reply.