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When there are numerous tabs you can't close them with the 'x' and have to either be on the tab or right-click to close, unlike the original edge which I quite like. Wondering if it was a conscious decision to drop the 'x's when there are too many tabs? I assume some people probably like not having the 'x'.


Also wondering if the drop down tab previews from the original Edge will be implemented? I'm a fan of that feature too.

I really like that they removed the X from the tabs when having a lot of tabs. it was so uncomfortable when I have many tabs (200+) and then if i wanted to switch to one of them i had to click on the X button and it was worrying me, i didn't know whether the X actually brings the tab forward or it closes the tab. but right now it's pretty clear and straight forward.
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I close tabs by middle-clicking on the actual tab (well. a three-finger tap on the trackpad, which does middle-click on my laptop), which I was pleased to find works in Edge Dev, as it has in every browser I've used since the first ones with tabs in the early 2000s. It certainly works in current Firefox, Chrome and regular Edge too.


First thing I checked on installing Edge Dev the other day, as it's so reflexive for me I wouldn't have even started testing Edge Dev if it hadn't supported that. I never use the X to closes, just middle-click over tabs (unless using a 'close all tabs to the right' or some-such). Had to just look at Firefox to see if the Xs disappear when the tabs shrink because of numbers of tabs in that - they do - because I'd never actually noticed despite many years of using Firefox as I never used the Xs, just middle-click to close.

Thanks for the tip lol, i didn't know MMB would close tabs :)
Yeah I didn't know middle clicking worked either I just changed that in gestures now consider me satisfied. Thanks.

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I'm missing the "preview feature" too. If you want to upvote this, place a like or a comment here:

PS: I'm closing tabs always with "ctrl + F4", so i don't even need the mouse