EDIT: Thanks Bill for a video with the answers! If you want to check out the answers to the trivia and how to get them, view the video here: 


Let's do a warm-up with some space-themed trivia! Here's a data set of all the astronauts, rockets, launches, and space walks...can you answer these five trivia questions?


  1. How many space travelers have been on a mission that orbited the Moon? (Hint: Be careful... Jim Lovell orbited the moon on two missions, but he only counts as one traveler!) 
  2. Which astronaut had the most minutes of spacewalk (EVA) activity? How many minutes have they spacewalked?  
  3. Which astronaut has launched the greatest number of times? How many times did he or she launch?  
  4. Who is the woman with the most days in space?  
  5. How many people launched on the Space Shuttle and returned on a Soyuz spacecraft? 


Shoutout to Excel MVP @Bill Jelen, "MrExcel",  for coming up with these questions! We'll follow up with the answers on October 17th, World Spreadsheet Day.

To play along, read the trivia questions and download the data set here: case y...