From the Form:

Maximum trial extension is 90 days (one-time only).

This being a one-time, 90 day only, extension is at least a help to those of use trying to sort out what to switch to during the busy holiday month. Question though: will there be another form to fill out if something more lasting comes around? My group doesn't need a 90 day extension just to deal with this again in a few months...


For those groups looking to maintain a bare minimum O365 presence, say for a catch-all email address for your group, here's what we ended up doing:

  • Created a generic user account that our officers can share to administer the tenant.
  • Purchased a single Exchange Kiosk license ($24 for the year) and assigned it to the generic user account. This gives it web and pop access to it's email address and any shared mailboxes it has access to.
  • We already had a shared mailbox for general inquiries to our user group, so we granted rights to the generic user account above to use it.
  • Assigned all existing email addresses from our tenant as SMTP aliases for that catch-all mailbox.
  • Created a forwarding rule inside the inbox to send received email to the officers' personal email addresses.

From what I've found, this seems to be a pretty cheap solution that allows us to keep our tenant, albeit with a single license and loss of the other functionality we were using (Teams, OneDrive, and Forms). Going forward, we're looking at Slack and other low/no-cost solutions for the actual collaboration of members.