I ask this each year because this is a perk to user groups and Microsoft has the right to discontinue at their discretion. I do not know how many user groups take advantage of having an Office 365 tenant. We have for a number of years (over 11 years) starting with online meetings with Live Meeting and continuing online meetings with Office 365's Skype for Business. We also use the environment to demo during meetings different aspects of Office 365 administration, site development and user access in Office 365.  I am hoping that someone from Microsoft monitoring this site can answer the following as we are preparing our meeting schedule for 2019.


1 - Will user groups be able to renew their Office 365 E3 25-user subscriptions for 2019? (NOTE: Ours is up for renewal in January, 2019 so we would like a response as soon as possible.)

2 - If yes, how can we renew?

3 - We record our online meetings for posting on the user group website (www.ditug.org). When will recordings be available in Teams meetings as they are in S4B meetings, that is, saved locally for posting elsewhere? We would like to use Teams for meetings in the future but have encountered issues in the past.

4 - What are Microsoft's plans for supporting user group communities going forward?

As long-standing members of the Microsoft User Group community, I suggest that Microsoft might want to issue a newsletter, video or some form of communication to let us know what is next in their support of the community. Also community webinars focused on user groups would be helpful.


I love the idea of the 2-day Ignite Tour so that those of us who cannot afford to take a week in a an expensive resort location can still plug-in. I wish there were more options. I am in Detroit, the closest to my location is in Toronto or Washington D.C.  


Hermine Turner, DITUG President

BSCS, MCT, MCSA/MCITP-SA, MCTS-Windows/Project/Office 365

MOS Master Office, Office 365 and SharePoint

CompTIA A+, IT Fundamentals+, Network+, and Linux+ Certified