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I was due to take an examination of Friday using the microsoft OnVue software. Unfortunately despite passing all of the system checks I received an error messaging stating ‘hmm something went wrong please reschedule’ prior to starting the test, after having waited for an hour for an examiner to begin the test.

I have since discussed this with Pearson Vue who suggested it could be due to a connection error blocking the connection between myself and the examiner. I realised Mac (OS 10.15) had it’s firewall turned on which I have now turned off.

I have ensured the app has been granted permissions under microphone, camera, input monitoring and accessibility. I have also turned checked these with a system check and my internet speed is 150mbps/120mbps up/down.

I am retaking the exam tomorrow and as it’s very important, is there anyway I could troubleshoot to ensure that the system will work tomorrow?

@UzK444 Hi Did you manage to find the solution to this? I have been having issues but no luck. OnVue aren't being helpful, I am afraid. Microsoft helpers have asked me to contact OnVue and onVue helpers simply cut and paste the same response.


I did, eventually I think it was possibly due to my firewall being turned on (I switched it off before my second test). I also deleted and redownloaded the software and then after I did this, it was available under the ‘Automation’ tab in system settings, which it should be prior to the test!

Hope that helps
جزاكم الله خيرا



Thank you for your reply. Can you please guide or clarify which automation tab in windows 10 you are referring to?

Glad to hear it worked for you. However, me even when I turn the firewall off and delete the old downloaded files, it doesn't work.

Thank you.