I am planning to use azure map to fetch address based on latitude and longitude.

In a day I have around 7000 transactions. In every 15 min there are 64 transactions in a day.

So in a month I have 200000 transactions.


I saw the gen 2 pricing , is it per 1000 transactions, so if i have 200000  transactions, so i come under tier 1 ? and it will cost me 200000 * 3.01$ / 1000 i.e 602 dollars?



 where as if i s0 pricing it cost be 100 dollars 

0.50 * 200000 / 1000



is that correct ?

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For gen 2 pricing, the first 100K transactions would be charged with Tier 0 pricing (free usage is used up first each month), then the next 100K would be charged under Tier 1. So the calculation would be (100000 - 1000)/1000*4.5 + 100000/1000*3.01 = $746.50

You calculation for S0 is correct and would equal $100 a month. Note that S0 has a lot of limitations around it, such as the number of queries per second that can be made. That said, since you are only 64 transactions every 15 minutes, this isn't an issue.

The Gen 2 pricing is designed for high volume users of the platform and is a really good alternative to the older S1 SKU. In your scenario, using S0 would make more sense, so choose that option.
Thank you for your response. make sense now.