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My company has multiple different domains we are protecting with AATP.  All of the domains except 1 are located on premise.  We have a single domain running on Windows VMs located in Azure IaaS.  This domain is not connected to anything on premise.  We are using AD DNS servers for name resolution within the domain.  I have full access open outbound in the network security groups from the DC subnet to all other subnets AND full access open inbound in the other subnets from the DC subnet.  I am able to ping the different Windows servers by their NetBIOS name from the DCs.  I am receiving the following health warning in the Azure IaaS environment.


Low success rate of active name resolution using NetBIOS.
2 Sensors have low success rates of active name resolution using NetBIOS. Azure ATP may issue more false positive alerts and accurate detection capabilities may be affected.


Are there known 'issues' with using AATP in Azure IaaS environments?  Is there a place were AATP specifies which server(s) it is having issue resolving their NetBIOS names?