@Eli Ofek Yes, the sensor log always get stuck at this line when we kill the service and it starts again.

Warn PcapLibraryHelper Verify [pcapProductLibrary=Npcap pcapProductVersion=1.0]


We uninstalled npcap:

"c:\Program Files\Npcap\Uninstall.exe" /S


Then installed with the recommended params:

npcap\npcap-1.00-oem.exe /S /loopback_support=no /winpcap_mode=yes


Then terminated the Microsoft.Tri.Sensor.exe & Microsoft.Tri.Sensor.Updater.exe service processes.


Now the AATPSensor and AATPSensorUpdater are both running without issues and are showing up in the ATP sensors tab as running as well.


Thanks a lot for assisting!