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I have the sensors installed and working on both of my domain controllers (Server 2016), however, when I install the ADFS sensor on my ADFS server (also 2016) the service refuses to start. I get the following error. I have tried everything I can conceive, including deleting the instance and starting over, trying different accounts/credentials/formats (both the single label domain vs. the .com suffix format) to no avail. The error is as follows:


2021-03-18 20:22:05.6369 Error DomainNetworkCredentialsManager Microsoft.Tri.Infrastructure.ExtendedException: DomainControllerDnsNames is empty or not configured
at void Microsoft.Tri.Sensor.DomainNetworkCredentialsManager.UpdateConfigurations(ConfigurationCollection configurations)
at Func<Task> Microsoft.Tri.Infrastructure.ActionExtension.ToAsyncFunction(Action action)+(TItem _) => { }
at async Task Microsoft.Tri.Infrastructure.ConfigurationManager.RegisterConfigurationAsync(Func<ConfigurationCollection, Task> onConfigurationsUpdateAsync, Type[] configurationTypes)
at void Microsoft.Tri.Infrastructure.TaskExtension.Await(Task task)
at object lambda_method(Closure, object[])
at object Autofac.Core.Activators.Reflection.ConstructorParameterBinding.Instantiate()
at void Microsoft.Tri.Infrastructure.ModuleManager.AddModules(Type[] moduleTypes)
at new Microsoft.Tri.Sensor.SensorModuleManager()
at ModuleManager Microsoft.Tri.Sensor.SensorService.CreateModuleManager()
at async Task Microsoft.Tri.Infrastructure.Service.OnStartAsync()
at void Microsoft.Tri.Infrastructure.TaskExtension.Await(Task task)
at void Microsoft.Tri.Infrastructure.Service.OnStart(string[] args)


Any help is greatly appreciated!



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Go to the sensors tab in the MDI portal, click on the registered ADFS sensor, and add to the list a fully qualified DC name this sensor can contact to resolve AD entities. once you do that and press sav, within 10 min the sensor should overcome this error.

@Eli Ofek This resolved the issue! Thank you so much - I couldn't find anything online to help!