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We rebuild MSATA server every month and restoration of mongodb database is taking lot of time. Size of database is around 25 GB. Is there any way to clean up the database of unwanted data to make the backup and the restoration faster?

@anishkk79 , That depends if it currently holds more data than it has too (1 month back).

what is the disk size, and how much free space do you have ? what was the recommended size  by the sizing tool?


On another note, I am interested to learn, why would you rebuild the server monthly?

@Eli Ofek

We rebuild MSATA every month to meet the AMI compliance. After MSATA rebuild the database size autmatically came down. So that is not a problem now.

We have another issue related to mongodb. We run nexpose scan on all the servers to check the vulnerabilities. This month we are getting the below vulnerabilities for mongodb


MongoDB: Permissions, Privileges, and Access Controls (CVE-2019-2390)
MongoDB: Improper Input Validation (CVE-2019-2389)
MongoDB: Improper Authorization (CVE-2019-2386)


We use MSATA 1.9.2 which comes with mongodb version 3.6.10. Recommended version to fix these vulnerabilities is 3.6.14. Any idea how to get it upgraded or should we wait till Microsoft releases the next version of MSATA


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While those issues do not effect ATA as we are blocked to localhost connections only, the soon to be released update 3 is expected to upgrade mongo to 3.6.15.
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