@Thomas Friis Poulsen 

Try to upgrade to 1.9 Update 2 (1.9.7478.57683).

If the issue is still not resolved, on top of this version, you can induce a forced resync of AD to ATA.

Giving that now we have read access on deleted items, the resync should resolve the issue.


You can do this by opening an  elevated command prompt on the Center machine, navigating to the mongo bin folder, and from there issuing the commands:


net stop ATACenter
mongo.exe ATA --eval "db.SystemProfile.remove({_t:'DirectoryServicesSystemProfile'})"
net start ATACenter

This will force a resync, which can take from a few hours to a few days, depending on your AD size... for most customers it will complete within a few hours.

There is no UI indication on completion because it is actually an ongoing process, we just tell it here to start from scratch.