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I would like to implement Anti phishing policy  for some key users.

Issue that I have is that  we have O365 E3 + Mobile & Security  E3 license.  I have few E5 license available.

I would like to create   Policy that woud protect Key users and assign them E5 license, but as far as I understand if  I chose under “Applied to” specific user  those user need to have E5 license.

Second part is  Add users to protect and / or add domains to protect.  If I chose again only specific users, those  need license.. but if I chose “domains” all must have E5 license.

Is this correct or   is as soon I try to use  ATP all users need do be license to E5 level.



Hi Borut,
The service description states that you need to scope ATP to just the users who have the E5 license: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/servicedescriptions/microsoft-365-service-descriptions/mi...
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