Exchange Online Protection - Features preventing external threats without disrupting productivity


Shobhit Sahay from the Office 365 team walks through seven features from Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) that proactively identify and block the most dangerous email threats.


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Update to this: the scanning for Safe Attachments is pretty quick these days - in many cases, you won't see the .txt placeholder file. You can go into Message Trace, and see the actions taken for scanning, clearing or rejecting attachments - and those steps happen pretty quickly.

That's fantastic. There were a few customers I had a conversation and they were pretty interested with ATP. When they get to know this that the scanning speed is now improved, i'm sure that'll be a plus point.

so with ATP we should get the message body delivered while EOP takes 15 minutes to timeout scanning every PDF no matter on size or content.

an improvement... of sorts