Exchange 2016 doesn't display OUs in EAC

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Before jumping to the conclusion and sending me this article (Exchange Server doesn't display all OUs - Exchange | Microsoft Docs), yes, I am fully aware of it! Unfortunately, it doesn't work as I would like it to work...


We have 40 Exchange servers and decided to build one new, for management purposes only and to amend the web.config file with the change for EAC to display OUs. The idea was to create a new DNS record to specifically access that particular Exchange server (or to access it via LAN https://servername/ecp) and hope to work - but it doesn't.


The only way for this to work is to login to the actual Exchange server and browse to https://localhost/ecp - only then the change works and OUs are visible when creating a new mailbox. Is this by design or is something wrong?



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