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one Question, we have a multidomain environment, with an Exchange 2016 DAG.

Our company consists of several companies, and I have to separate them into several separated AD Domains.

We want to migrate Users with ADMT to the new domain per SID-History, and they should use their old Mailbox (per linked Mailbox) until we are able to migrate Exchange completely.


I read just About Migrate Exchange first, so my Question is, is our solution a valid way?


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Hi @Hermulus 
We did with ADMT last year with new Exchange 2019 and Windows 2019 DC servers at the end. You can use ADMT it's not a problem.
With ADMT is a lot of scripts to manage particulary in Exchange. Last time I did a migration with ADMT I used Efflux migrator tool for help us. This tool need a license it's 3 $ per user. This tool help you a lot when you do the final step of sync user and for monitor the entire migration steps.
Using ADMT or a other tool to help you for your migration remember that all domains and forests are different so you have to test all the scenarios.