FOPE: New updates for managing policy rules

Published Mar 12 2012 11:00 AM 2,759 Views

Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) customers, we’re listening to your feedback and queries about FOPE — and we’ve got new documentation updates for you. Please check out the improved Create, Edit, or Delete a Policy Rule in the TechNet Library.

In addition to spam and virus filtering, the FOPE administration center policy rules let you enforce specific company regulations and policies by configuring customizable filtering rules. As a direct response to your feedback about the policy rule information that we’ve published, we updated our guidance to clarify the administrator rights that are necessary in order to make changes to FOPE policy rules. Previously it wasn’t clear that the ability to view and change policies depends upon the access permissions of the logged-in user. You can see the updated information at

Share your experience or get more help

If you have your own experiences to contribute, we strongly encourage you to edit or post your own article in the public TechNet wiki. Check out the FOPE FAQ just to get started and look for the Post an article link.

If you need more help, there are other resources too. You can find related information in the links at the end of the policy rule topic that was just updated or, for assisted technical support, you can ask the community in the FOPE forum or contact Microsoft as noted in FOPE Support Information. You can always send us more feedback by using the rating system at the top of every TechNet Library page and Twitter users can follow us @FOPE_UA.

John Andrilla
Forefront Technical Writer

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