Any banking companies that use OWA?

Published Sep 07 2004 03:02 PM 842 Views

From time to time, we get requests for customer references when a potential customer likes what they see in the product, but wants to talk to another customer first to hear about their experiences with Exchange. We act as a router in this case and introduce customers with each other. The time spent is usually an hour or two to chat with the other customer about your experiences with Exchange over email or the phone (Microsoft is not involved in that discussion). Most customers who ask us for references usually want to talk to others in the same industry, as many industries have requirements or processes that affect how they use Exchange.

So if you're a banking company that has deployed OWA (especially if you've deployed or investigated any form of two-factor authentication) and have time to share your experiences with another customer, please email us at exrefcom AT microsoft DOT com. The first two responses will receive a small token of our appreciation from our store.

- KC Lemson

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