Impersonation settings in ATP anti-phishing policies

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We are a large government agency and have more than 60 users to protect from being impersonated as message senders.


Is the # of 60 users a tenant wide limitation?


We have created multiple policies and each policy have 60 users but it did NOT work.  Only 60 users on the first policy get protected. The next 60 users on the next policy did not get protected.

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Hello @nih_ale2 , This is tenant wide limit

it's a bad news for us. We are National Institutes of Health - NIH and having more than 60 VIP users to protect from impersonation. Is there future plan to allow more than 60 users to protect for tenant with 50,000 users?

@nih_ale2 - I do not know at this point if there is any plan to increase this limit :( 

@nih_ale2 - We will correct this and will mention the limit explicitly in the Article 

We had a similar case opened with MSFT and the engineer said that we can create more than one anti-phishing impersonation protection policy since we have more than the limit of 60. This feature was one of the key drivers in pursuing O365 ATP P2. So, all the stuff we have been told was false and we now we have a product that can't help us. Why? Why? Why? There must be others too...