Exchange Hybris and Azure Cloud Provisioning


Maybe a too in depth question for this forum but I have a scenario leveraging Azure AD Cloud provisioning and remove the hybrid exchange configuration allowing a customer to manage the exchange attributes of users directly in EXO rather than having one Exchange server on premises to enable editing of user exchange attributes. My customer wants to decomm all on premises exchange servers. 


Is this even an option or am I barking up the wrong tree :) 

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Hey Peter - it's a great question and totally fair to ask. We've been working on getting rid of the dependency of having a keep a server behind on-prem for a while, but we haven't yet completed that work. We hope to have more news on this in the coming months.

@Greg Taylor - EXCHANGE Thanks Greg.. So I jumped the gun a bit...:) It just struck me as a logical extension of the idea of separating the sync/ADDS master hold of the Exchange attributes from the other attributes... Which is how i read the cloud provisioning documentation 

@PeterJ_Inobits you're right, and we need to solve it. And we will.