Using Solver / Analytic Solver, to find combinations that equal a given sum

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An account on my GL is out of balance - and I'm trying to figure out which transactions could possibly be posted incorrectly in this particular account, that make it out of balance. I did some Google-ing and found that I could use the solver add-in Excel to analyze the list of numbers I have to meet a given sum (in this case the amount my GL is off). The problem is that once I've set up all my parameters, excel tells me that I have too many variables. When you click help - it takes you to the Solver add-in developer site - where you can pay to have the advanced version of the solver, "Analytic Solver." There was a free-trial so I figured I try it just so see if it worked. 


I run the model and it tells me that integer solution found within tolerance - but didn't show me what combinations equal the sum. Here is a screen-shot of what it looks like. 




Here's a screen shot of how I set the model up in the solver / analytic solver:




Is what I'm attempting even possible / did I set it up right? 


Any tips / advice would be appreciated. 




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