"Read-only" and "in use with another user"

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All my new Excel documents are automatically getting saved as "read-only" somehow.  I go to open them, and a dialogue box comes up that says they are "read-only" and are being used by another user.  They are not shared with any other users, there are no other users on my computer or network, and I haven't checked any "read-only" options when saving them!


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Try This:


Right clik on your excel files, gol into the Properties Options, and make sure, under the Attributes section, the Read Only Check box is unchecked.




Yes, I've done that.  The problem is when I go to the options box, "read-only" is clicked and in grey, so I can't unclick it.  And again, I've never set the document as "read-only" to begin with.  Somehow the program is doing this automatically.


Maybe Try going into your accounts options in the file Tab and see if your Office subscriptions expired or not