PowerView Multiples : Greyed out => not available


While giving a Training related to PowerView I couldn't explain the option Multiples, because they were greyed out.

When selecting fields, Power View itself decides to place the field in the multiples. That I can accept, but it was impossible to move the field, delete the field, ar place another field in the option

Remark: it was op the classroom PC not on my personal PC


Someone got an idea?

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It depends on the data and how the data is structured. Multiples cannot be shown from any type of data set. I'll try to come up with a few examples. 


Here is a screenshot:

In short, if you can build a matrix with multiple rows and multiple columns from the data, then you can use charts with multiples, too. 



I understand your answer ... but the data is well organised.


I create the exercise on 2 laptops with the same version of Office 2016

* Laptop 1 (Personal PC) : multiples available ... every option is available

* Laptop 2 (Training PC) : multiples available ... Power View put a selected field in the multiple but the field can not be moved, deleted because they are greyed out.