Personal.xlsb Workbook Keeps Opening

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Every time I open Excel, the Personal.xlsb workbook opens.  It did not used to do that.  Anyone know how I can prevent it from opening?



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Hi Don,


When you open Excel select the Personal Macro Workbook and go to:

View >> Window >> Hide

After that, close Excel, and you will face a message asking you to save the changes you made to the Personal Macro Workbook, click Save.

I am suffering the same thing.  Since Excel opens a new instance each time, and not just a new book, it's also opening the personal macro workbook, saying it's already in use and if I want to open it as read only or be notified when it is available.

This is extremely tiresome as I use macros and multiple files a lot. 

Quick and easy, thank you.

Hi Adam, I am getting this, and I agree its very frustrating.  Did you manage to get a fix?

for me its when I open an excel file from different locations ie oneDrive, SharePoint, local drive etc

@Jones-SiGSame here - it happens when opening a Teams file, OneDrive, or SharePoint online file in the desktop version.

In Cell A1 have a 5 and in Cell B1 have a 10 and in Cell C1 formula =sum(A1*B1) which it multiplies out corectly to 50; Now in cell D1 want to multiply C1 x D1 or 10 and because a formula is in C1 it will not do I make a cell with formula work when multiplying by another cell with a number in it.

Ia both cells have formulas in them is that a way to multiply both of them?



This thread is about Personal Workbooks used for Macros opening, but what you are describing works as expected.




@Haytham Amairah This unfortunately did not work for me, because my Personal.xlsb file was "read only" access. It wouldn't save that it was "hidden" even though the file wouldn't just show up like a regular Excel file. I had to save it under a different directory (I used Downloads for easy access), closed out Excel, deleted the read only file in the XLStart folder, and moved the new editable personal.xlsb file into the XLStart folder so it would open in the background instead of opening every time I opened an Excel File. I couldn't do a Save As and just overwrite it, because it had to be open to do that, and it wouldn't let me save over an open document. 


Thank you for the feedback, because you actually gave me the "Well duh" moment I needed to do a save s to a different directory. LOL!  

Wait, so did you figure it out?

How do you insert column  breaks in exel?



Since your question is completely unrelated to the topic of this discussion, you should have started a new one.

But Excel does not have column breaks, unlike Microsoft Word.