Is it possible to extract PDF data to excel using Power Query?


I have a website which exports orders in pdf form
I extracted the data, but it's the most scattered query EVER.
Could really use your help in organizing the data
Can you help me out? I've attached the query file and Raw Data
@Sergei Baklan  @Riny_van_Eekelen @Peter Bartholomew @Hans Vogelaar 

Raw Data.PNG

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@Nishkarsh31 Not very straight-forward, but you could try something like in the attached file. Similar, tough not the same as your desired output.

Screenshot 2021-12-25 at 11.52.18.png

Sir, you're so amazing,
I don't have enough words to express it here.
Forever grateful.
Although I'll take me sweet time to understand the steps to be able to replicate this on my own.

But it's working Perfectly well, on all kind of input data.
This is without a doubt, leakproof.
Thanks again.

@Nishkarsh31 Great. Let me know if I can explain further.