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I am trying to set up a spreadsheet where if the text value in column A is either of 2 customer names then the date in column M is 3 days after the date in column J and if it is not one of the 2 customer names the column m is 9 days after the date in column J. I'm honestly only recently getting into more complex functions but any help would be appreciated. TIA
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In M1 it could be like

=J1+3 + IF(OR(A1="customer1",A1="customer2"),6,0)
I got #VALUE!
Thank you for that formula. How would I make it for the whole column a and the whole column m


Depends on which version of Excel you are. If on one which supports dynamic arrays that could be

=J:J+3 + IF(OR(A:A="customer1",A:A="customer2"),6,0)

If not, drag formula down. In both case it's better to use Excel Tables or at least dynamic ranges.