File Lock Feature on Excel

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I have a spreadsheet in excel that I have shared with multiple people for business purposes. I want all people it is shared with to be able to edit the spreadsheet, but I was wondering if there is a way to lock the entire file so that there can only be one person in it and editing it at one time. With multiple people in it making edits, each save creates a new file that saves for that individual person, but not on the file that all other parties have access to. I hope this makes sense and hope there is a general "lock file" solution that can help me out.

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Newer versions of Windows and Office do this automatically. Do your users get a notification that the file is locked for editing? At that point they can open in Read Only or Notify the user who has the lock?


Where do you share the file, on Sharepoint, OneDrive, on file share or something else?

The file is shared through dropbox. I know they have a feature that file locks, however, that is only for the business version which I do not need nor want. Just checking to see if Excel had something similar already in the program that didn't require an add on or boosted subscription like dropbox.



@sethwh the notification is from dropbox (which is how the file is shared), but it only lets you know that someone else is in the file- it does not lock anything. I know that dropbox has a file lock feature, but that is only accessible in the business version of dropbox which I do not want or need. Was just wondering if there was a similar feature in excel that was already a part of the program rather than having to add something on. I believe that we are running the most recent version of excel so maybe the sharing via dropbox cancels out the file lock?


Sorry, have no experience with dropbox